Thursday, August 18, 2011


I've thought off and on
about buying tags to put in/on stuff I make.
They'd be cute,
but I'm also afraid they'd be itchy, 
and we all know
I'm a comfort girl...

when Lily came out freshly dressed
I said,
"Are you aware that your dress is on backwards?"
"Yeah. Sometimes tags itch me,
so I like to wear things inside out."
"Um. Lily. 
Momma made that dress.
It doesn't have a tag."

 I'm not sure if she confirmed my fear
or if I should just go ahead and order the tags!


  1. you wouldn't have to put the tag on the back of the neck (I cut ALL my tags out, especially the ones in back of the neck)you could put them in a more comfortable spot...and get real small tags......

  2. I could put 'em on the outside :-)

  3. Have you seen the blog by ... oh, what's her name... orange something. You probably know who I'm talking about. Anyway - she always sews her 'signature' somewhere on the piece. You could do that in lieu of an added piece of scratchy material.
    (Her name is on the tip of my fingers...Katie with 4 or 5 girls... Oh what is it??)

  4. it's Katy from thedillspiel and she thinks there is Never enough Orange ;-) Either that woman is crazy fast, or she spends a ton of time sewing! prob'ly both.... and yes, her signatures are awfully cute.


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