Saturday, March 2, 2013

everything begins with a butt

Back in December, when I went to the bookstore,
I found a kid's drawing book with the above title.
Or maybe that was the subtitle, because I can't seem to find a book by that name now...
The theory is - you can draw all sorts of pictures,
but they all begin with a butt.

I didn't buy the book, but I thought Jeremiah would really get a kick out of it if I had.

One recent Saturday
he drew a stick person with a huge butt in the dirt on the back of the Excursion window.
We forgot to wash the window.
He rode home in Tyler's car with me that day (we take 2 vehicles to church)
and when we were close enough to the Excursion that he could see his artwork,
he just laughed and laughed.

So Thursday, when I was grocery shopping and found this jicama, I had to bring it home with me,
knowing the joy it would bring to my son.

I left it on the dryer (jicamas keep best at room temperature 'til you cut into them) and waited.
The next day I was rinsing out my coffee cup, getting ready to fix my afternoon cup-o-joe, 
when I saw him pick up the jicama out of the corner of my eye.
I heard his huge belly laugh a second later.

Dinner tonight - taco salad,
will begin
a butt.
A big ol' jicama butt.

(Amazon always shows my browsing history (which isn't very convenient when gift shopping)
the last book I looked at, before searching for butt books, was Holiness for Mothers.
I just found that kinda funny ;-)

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