Tuesday, March 26, 2013

bits and pieces

Let's see.

Instead of the cast we thought Lexi was going to get,
the Dr decided to just put a brace on her.
I'm happy for Lex' that she doesn't have to deal with the discomfort,
but I think I would have preferred a cast for my peace of mind.
I never realized quite how active the child is.
Lily turns 6 on Saturday.
She is over the moon excited about graduating out of her car seat.
She has no idea she'll no longer be able to see out the window.
Our church had a skating party Sunday night.
It was the first time the 4 younger kids have ever been to a roller rink.
Lexi did not skate...
What is with this weather?!
I've been chilled to the bone lately.
The McCs decided to take all of the kids home with them on Sunday,
since we'd all be back together for skating in the evening.
At different times,
every single kid told me about the delicious pie they had.
I requested the recipe, but Lily is doubtful I can make it as good.

2 - 8 oz cartons strawberry yogurt
8 oz coolwhip
mix together and put in graham cracker crust and freeze

If I can't handle that, there's something bad wrong with me ;-)
Tyler and I play backgammon fairly often.
The wins used to be divided pretty much 50/50.
it's been more like 80/20.
Pisses me off!
(did I just say that?!)
We didn't plan on taking off last week for Spring Break,
but we ended up taking 2 days off
when cousins came to visit.
I love that the kids are big enough that I don't have to watch them every second.
My neighbor came over one morning 
and we got to visit for two hours uninterrupted while kids ran in and out.
I do believe that is a first!
A good friend is moving away in a few months.
I'm pretty bummed about it.
I'm not sure I let her know how valuable she is to me;
I guess I expected her to always be around,
and when kids got bigger
and it was more convenient,
then we'd get together...
We're screen-free this week.
I was anticipating today being kinda tricksy
but happily, it was just fine.
(blogging doesn't count as screen time)
While watering today, I discovered whiteflies on my carefully tended pointsettia.
After a quick google search, I gave it a bubble bath.
(approved research is acceptable while screen free. Fortunately, I am the approver)
I do not have time to give plants bubble baths!
Perhaps that is why I've never done well with them?
I'm tired.
I started the day out getting beat at Backgammon
and I've been going and going ever since.
And now,
I'm going

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