Thursday, March 28, 2013

how my mom made me a thread snob

Every year, 
I get some money tucked in a sweet card (that sometimes makes me cry) 
from my mom for my birthday.

Every year, I think long and hard about what I'm going to spend that money on;
I have to make it count, ya know?

Since my birthday (in September)
I've found quite a few things I could spend my b-day money on,
but none of them seemed quite right.

Until I started seeing 'aurifil thread' all over the place online.
Aurifil thread is not cheap - in price or quality,
but after some more intensive research, I found numerous quilters who say that 
aurifil is the only thread they'll use.
I thought I might like to try this thread.
It might take things up a notch for me.
And you know I'm always lookin' to move up a notch...
I also thought, if I ended up really liking this aurifil stuff, I might like need to have the overpriced thread chart.
Color shopping on the computer doesn't always work so well....

So, I ordered white thread, 
a brown that I thought would be good for T's quilt (but wasn't. too dark. shoulda waited on the chart...)
and the color chart made of real thread.
Happy Birthday :-)

Oh my! The internet people were right. 
This thread is sooo nice and silky.
It truly does disappear in a seam, and yet it's strong!
Even more importantly, my Juki seems to really like aurifil.
And the over priced color chart? I love it! It's so pretty!
(I think I need a Kona color chart now, too)
And as an added bonus, there are charts online that list matching colors for lots of thread brands, 
my favorite dmc perle floss, included. 
So I can find the correct color on my aurifil card, and check the online chart for the corresponding thread
and order with confidence.
This chart's gonna save me money!
(and make me famous ;-)

is how my mom
turned me into a (aurifil)  thread snob.

Thanks, Mom & Bill :-)


  1. You are most welcome! you do such awesome things I am honored to be a help in any way! : )
    Love Mom

  2. thats some pretty awesome thread colors there sis! can't get that at walmart or hobby lobby! you go on with your snobbiness! xoxo


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