Friday, March 15, 2013

two by two

Out of eight kids,
unless you count Lana's head being cracked open with a rake,
(which I don't, because that is in a category all to itself, I think)
only the oldest
- and now the youngest -
have ever broken any bones.

Interestingly, they both broke the same bones - the distal radius and ulna.

They also both had to wait 'til the day after the breakage occurred
 for their mother to realize that they did, indeed, need medical attention.

My poor kids.

Right now, Lex' just has a splint;
we go next week for a cast.

She's a tough little cookie, our girl is.


  1. Ah! Poor dear! Auntie sends her love.
    Tell her I know how she feels. As a child I broke a bone every other year!

  2. o my goodness!! how in the world did she do that? and how did you figure it was broken? little baby girl is a toughie! I know how she feels!hugs and kisses!

  3. every other year? goodness!!

    She was skating in the living room and fell ~ nothing that hasn't happened a zillion times... but this time, she landed just right (or wrong...)
    She's not one to typically carry on when she gets hurt,but she kinda did this time. I chalked it up to her not having a nap... she fell asleep in the car when I took the boys to TKD, and when she woke up, she said it was a little better - but she still wasn't using it at all. By 9, I'd decided I might need to take her in...
    After spending the night in her bed (notice I didn't say 'sleeping with her that night' 'cause very little SLEEP happened) I was pretty sure she had done SOMETHING to it. After I did some range of motion tests (which I'd attempted the previous day, but she'd just say she couldn't do it....) and she couldn't turn her palm face up without pain showing on her face, I knew... Mostly, she's being a trooper, but she's had a few breakdowns and screamed she was ready to have it OFF. Could be a long 6+ wks...

  4. awwww, bless her little heart! hang in there lex! you"ll be good as new in no time! xoxo

  5. poor little girl! and poor mommy! hugs and blessings to both of you!
    can't wait to see your awesome cast Lexi!


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