Friday, June 11, 2010

big week

41 1/2 years.
And then
I had to go and spoil my record.

Men pull trailers
it's just one of the things they do.
since I'm no feminist
I'm happy keeping it that way.

I found this beautiful
hutch / buffet set
at Abilities
on Wednesday, aka 25% off day.
I called Tyler
hoping he could run over on his lunch break
to check it out.
He was having lunch with 'the guys'.
he said, "If you love it, buy it."
keep in mind
we live in a 975 sq ft house that is
wall-to-wall furniture.
He said we could stick it in the Study Shack
(which hasn't been a 'study' shack in almost 3 years)

I don't normally buy furniture by myself
and I sure don't buy furniture
on impulse.
We have rules about impulse shopping
for goodness sake.
I don't normally find furniture
that is so perfect for us.
and I knew it wasn't going to last long at Abilities!
I happily wrote out my $176.25 check
and watched them put SOLD stickers on my goodies.
I wondered,
"How the heck am I going to get these lovelies home??"
I decided Tony could go get them,
being almost a man and all.

Tony had to work.
I considered asking Tyler to take
1/2 a personal day
so he could go get them
but I quickly realized that was lame.
I did the only thing I could do.
I had the boys hook up the trailer
and I drove it.
All the way to downtown FSM
where I stood back and watched
the nice guys carefully load my precious furniture on it
and then
I drove it
all the way back home.
35 mph over the Midland bridge.

..and that is how I broke
my 41 1/2 year
no trailer-pulling streak.

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  1. you are such a nut, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! at the very last, I thought " oh no she broke....: ah, just her no trailer hauling streak...not her new pretties! and your veggies look great! ours are just blooming!


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