Saturday, May 11, 2013

adding to the flock

We went to Atwoods after TKD testing (the boys all have red/black belts now) to price fencing (we still need to enlarge the chicken run)
We didn't buy any fencing, but we did get
14 baby chicks!
Everyone is tickled, but especially Jeremiah and Momma.

I picked out 3 clearance priced straight run chicks (which means I may have picked 3 roosters...)
Tyler choose 3 clearance banded chicks (which means they should be hens)
Brandon didn't want to choose any
and the 4 younger kids
(I'm trying to quit calling them 'little kids' - 'cause they really aren't little anymore...)
each got to choose 2.
They all chose full priced mostly banded chicks.

This little one is Josiah's (he's leaning towards Oreo, but hasn't decided for sure on the name)

(Crap. I've completely forgotten what he named this one. Maybe Sweet Thing??)

This is one of Lily's ~ hers are both unnamed still, but she calls them all sorts of sweetness and tried to give them equal attention.

I had Jeremiah bring a cinder block into the little area Tyler blocked off for the chicks, so I'd have something to sit on. 
From it, I could watch the babies (inside) and the big ones (outside).
If all I ever had to do was watch chickens ~ I'd be a happy girl. I love to sit out with my chickens!

 Like Lily, Jeremiah got a yellow and a black chick (I forget the breeds)

And Lexi got a light yellow and a golden one.
She was afraid she wouldn't be able to tell which yellow was hers, 
so the gal helping us put a little line on her head with permanent marker.
Lex's little chick is a smartie ~ she was the first one to figure out how to use the waterer,
and for the next 20 minutes - that was the happening place.

Tyler had to work around us ~ tweaking things to get them just right.
(thanks, Love!)

I can't  help it ~ another 'looking out' shot

One of the ladies wandered in and laid an egg for us :-)
(these girls don't feel the need to announce their accomplishment; they just lay it and leave, nice and quiet like)

That egg was toasty!

Meanwhile, Lemon Drop fell asleep in Jeremiah's hands.

Lily found some rolly pollies for the chicks.
They liked 'em, but not as much as Josiah's chick enjoyed the little worm she tossed in.
(Speaking of ~ you know how chickens run around trying to keep the other chickens from getting whatever treasure they found? 
I always thought that was a learned behavior  - from one too many times of getting some yumminess stolen.
Nope ~ as soon as that chick had the worm in her mouth, she started running in circles. 
None of the other chicks tried to take it from her - or even noticed she had anything special. 
It would appear that that is just the way God wired chickens.)

I best git to bed ~ I've got to get up extra early to check on baby chicks


  1. So cute! Our little chicklets have grown up so fast...hard to believe they were babies like those just a couple of months ago. Enjoy!

  2. My,my,my,my,my
    (say it with a --... )
    what sweet kids with such sweet little chicks. how FUN!!

  3. baby chicks are so cute! you sure will have plenty of eggs! I am glad you enjoy the chickens so much, the kids look like they do too! great pictures! xoxo


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