Friday, June 7, 2013


I always assume that people know this,
but maybe they don't.
Blogs are just a snapshot. A close-up snapshot.
They aren't the whole picture.

Anyone who knows me in real life,
knows I am far (far!!) from perfect.
I assume that anyone reading here, who doesn't actually know me,  knows that as well,
simply because, they, also, aren't perfect.

I don't choose to share much of the ugly stuff here.
It's not because I want people to think I'm so great.
Trust me ~ I'm no one to envy!
It's because that's not the stuff I choose to focus on and remember;
it's not the stuff I want photos of, if you will.
The tagline, after all, is 'finding joy in the little things'....

I needed to remind myself of this.
Blogs are just snapshots.


  1. havin a rough day? of course, we are alllllll imperfect, and we all have our struggles. but in my eyes, you ARE about as close as one can get, and your family is too. the blog is wonderful and it is as it should be....focused on the good stuff. keep on sister! and dont let anyone get you down! love you to the moon and back!

  2. Love YOU to the moon and back, too, Sis!! XO


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