Sunday, September 14, 2014

lately (with numbers)

Tyler hasn't fussed at me 1 single time for not posting
in over 2 weeks.
If that doesn't tell you how hectic things are right now,
I don't know what would.

We did start school.
Thus, the extremely full schedule.

I've never schooled 5 before.
I was right to be filled with trepidation.
As Eva said - very sympathetically, "Oh. You've got 5 this year.
5 about did me in."

It's not so much that it's bad,
it's just that the days are so full.

And I have to do so much talking.

I'm tired of talking by 9:30.

In the morning...

And I'm just plain tired.
I've turned into a 2 (and sometimes even, 3!) cups of coffee a day person,
and I don't really like that.

I mean, I like coffee,
but I don't like drinking (regularly) more than 1 cup in the morning.


242 (our small group from church) started back up last week, after taking the summer off.
The kids were so excited;
they've missed it.

Truth be told,
I guess I missed it, too.
We are in the perfect group for us.
I love them.


My grandpa (Mom's dad) died yesterday.
He was 91.

It wasn't anywhere near as special as Johnny,
but my 2nd favorite present (as a child) came from him - a Barbie townhouse.
I don't know if Mom suggested it to him
or if he picked it out all on his own
(I always assumed he did, but now, as a mom myself, I'm thinking he may have had help ;-)
Either way,
I always thought it was very generous of him, because something that great had to cost a lot of money!
I'm pretty sure I got his money's worth out of it.


Tyler and I had a birthday party to go to last night.

I have lots of clothing options for summer,
but not so many for fall, and it was downright chilly yesterday,
so I decided to whip up a short-sleeved cowl neck top (which I've never attempted before)
to go with a skirt I'd made recently,
but didn't have the right color black shirt to match.
We had to leave at 3:45.
I started making my pattern around 12:15.
I also had to take a shower (and wash my nappy hair) and get ready to go.
And eat lunch.
At some point, I remembered that I'd never hemmed the skirt, so I'd have to do that, too...

I'm not happy with the fit of the shirt, 
but it was wearable
I was ready to go at 3:37, with 8 minutes to spare.
(I'd even cleaned up my mess, too!)

The party ended up being outside,
so I was a little over dressed,
and a lot freezing.
But, according to my girls, I looked adorable.
Jeremiah said I looked Halloweeny..


I've worked on this post for 2 days now,
and 6 people are ready to eat dinner,
so I think I'm going to call it done.

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  1. I am SURE you looked adorable, and for not being $o bu$y in the shop, I can relate to being sooo busy! too many things going on I don't know which end is up most days!! love you all!!


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