Tuesday, March 24, 2015

mia, and Lily laughs

Master thinks that 2 weeks without a post 
is entirely too long.

I haven't purposely stayed away,
it's just that life is full right now,
and until I get that darn amazing quilt finished,
I feel pressure to work on it 
every spare moment I have.
(or avoid working on it, by doing some other necessary and long-neglected task)


Lily has a sense of humor similar to TJ's,
and when she finds something funny, she laughs long and hard.
She also is a bit on the blonde side,
so jokes with her are a little iffy.
If she gets them right off, she laughs, 
but if she doesn't,
she has to analyze
and then explain to everyone why they are funny.
Of course, sometimes, she doesn't ever get why they should be funny.

The kids have been on a 'tell us a story from  ____________' kick lately.
So the other night, 
we told them about the time we accidentally annoyed the baby sitter:

We'd hurriedly changed 6 or 7 month old TJ, using a diaper from the diaper bag
right before walking out the door to drop him off with 'Gramma'.
(our friend Jodi's mom was living with them in Germany)

When we went back to pick him up,
Gramma mentioned, obviously a little miffed, "I found the nickel."


"In his diaper..." she added.

It seems that the coin had fallen into the diaper while in the diaper bag
and got trapped by the leg elastic,
and we hadn't seen it when we put the diaper on him in a rush.
When she found it stuck to his little cheek a few hours later,
she'd thought we put the nickel in the diaper as a test - to see if she changed him.

We assured her it was purely accidental
and we all had a good laugh about it.

When we finished telling the story to the kids,
Tyler added, "It just goes to show you that everyone needs a little change sometimes."

Lily threw back her head
and roared.

How I love that girl!

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  1. hahahahaa!! Tyler cracks me up too!!!


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