Thursday, August 20, 2015

this and that on a Thursday

I first read To Kill a Mockingbird on our Florida vacation,
mostly while soaking in the big ol' tub in the master bath. 
The high level of humidity created a delicious warped texture
 to the pages of my second-hand copy of the book.
I think I will keep it forever.

I wanted to re-read it this summer in preparation for the new Harper Lee book,
Go Set a Watchman.

After hearing that Atticus was a racist in GSaW,
I decided not to read it, though.
I quite like Atticus as he is in TKaM, thank-you-very-much.

It's a shame though,
Harper Lee is a great writer.


Yesterday was my Gramma Day.
(well, technically, my Gramma Day was 2 weeks ago, and yesterday's was 'Lish's,
but I traded with her to go on an anniversary trip with my man.)

I'd called her Tuesday to tell her I had a big day planned for us.
She was surprised and excited.

She called me Wednesday around 9am, wondering what day it was,
and if she had anything planned.

I got to surprise her all over again :-)

She didn't like the movie I'd picked out for us to watch;
it moved too fast for her to follow.
(She didn't really see how anybody could follow it,
and said she wouldn't recommend it to anyone.)
I told her at least she wouldn't remember tomorrow that I took her to a movie she didn't like ;-)

she'll remember that I love her.


While in NWA,
I hit a few stores.
When checking out at Hancocks,
an idiot clerk asked me if I was over 50.

over 50?!?

I'm 46, Nan. 

He didn't even have the decency to give me the damn senior citizen's discount 
to make up for the insult!


I didn't achieve the goddess part of bronzed goddess,
but I am nicely tanned.

I'm often surprised that those are my golden legs
when I swing them out of the covers every morning.
(I often tell Gramma that my brain isn't in much better shape than hers.
There's proof for ya...)


Yesterday, two different people contacted me about having a long distance shower
to celebrate Hadley.
It makes me happy that people want to love on my kids.


I have to say goodbye to my purse.
I bought it at the SA thrift store 3(?) years ago for $1.
I still love it,
but it's looking awfully ratty for a full-grown (albeit a not-yet fifty yr old!) woman to be carrying.

I replaced it with an olive green $2 yard sale find
that I feel rather 'meh' about.
At least it has a hot pink interior.
(And my new coin purse goes with it very nicely)

I could make a purse, 
but there are just so many other things to make, too....


We haven't  seen signs of the weasel 
(at least I think it was a weasel)
 that got into the coop
in a couple of weeks.
Perhaps he came up and saw me,
the night I sat out there 'til the wee hours of the morning
with a shotgun in my lap,
and decided to go elsewhere.

Or maybe,
more likely,
in a grand fit of justice,
something got him.

But still,
we've lost more chickens to coyotes.

Would somebody please remind me
not to keep buying chickens?!


I have had a terrible time focusing the past few weeks.
I honestly don't know what the deal is.
At Dr Baker's suggestion, I've been taking SamE,
which is supposed to help your brain.

Of course, I sometimes  forget to take it...


  1. There's this guy (ok, so it's George Stephanopoulos) that is a huge TKaM fan -- favorite book of all time, even named his kid after Harper Lee. He said he was very worried about the racist thing, but went ahead and read it. He really defended it well and wouldn't say too much because he said it would give away key details about the story, but he kept challenging other people that he was talking to who were referring to Atticus being a racist and saying "But have you read the whole book? -- I don't think you have." and none of them had. He just kept pressing that people need to read the entire book, and he said he really enjoyed it. So my impression from all that was, perhaps Atticus ends up not a racist and it is just a plot device/twist of some sort, and he is actually the wonderful man we all hope he is in the end? Why don't you just bite the bullet, read it, and report back to us???

    Now, did you really sit out there in the dark with a shotgun like Granny Clampit? All I got to say is you are in dire need of a trip to Starbucks or Bliss Cupcakes to get you back out of the bottoms. Call me when you've got an hour and I'll reintroduce you to city life!


  2. I did read GSaW and have very mixed feelings about it. I just saw it at Costco and bought it with no idea what is was like. When Atticus's character seemed to be altered or changed, at first I was completely outraged. How dare anyone mess with Atticus Finch?! But then I read it through to the end and I think I understand it better now. There were some really, really, LOL funny parts but the language was also rather strong in a taking-the-Lord's-name-in-vain kind of way in a few spots. Not my favorite thing. It helped to know afterward that this book was written first, well before TKaM. That accounts from some seeming discrepancies in Atticus's character and the way the trial was described. Maybe Ms Lee changed her mind about who Atticus was when writing the 2nd book prequel. I think it has to be read carefully and thoughtfully to get the real message, which is surprisingly fair and inclusive to all sides of the issues and to all people. That's sort of the point - we all have our bigotries but we need tolerance for everyone and their views. There's room for all and we need to help each other move forward, not just take rigid sides and judge each other. In the end, I liked it. I think. ;) But without question, I absolutley love TKaM and your crinkly secondhand copy is awesome. Definitely reread that! Ultimately, I'll have to get my husband to read The new book and explain it to me. He's so much better at that than I am! Lol. And I appreciate his strength in that area so it's ok.


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