Wednesday, August 9, 2017

one way to fold a quilt

Remember the Pigeon quilt??

It sold!!

I've been meaning to share how I fold quilts 
so that they don't get strong creases in them
with my new friend, Carolyn,
and figured I may as well share it here, too,
in case anybody else would like to know.

Since this one is going away soon,
well, it was a no-brainer to use it in my demo.

if you have a larger quilt, you'll just add a few more folds
in each direction.

The key is 
to fold diagonally,
and when you unfold your quilt
you won't have strong creases in it.

I have more of this fabric,
so if you felt great sadness in your heart
when you saw that the awesome pigeon quilt sold,
don't fret - I can make a similar one for you :-)


  1. Big pigeon fans here! Awww, there's some kid that will absolutely flip or this!?! Nice touch with the pigeon applique. I've decided NOT to show this to my boys, lest I have to make one for them too. Pillows would be fun too with that applique and leftover scraps.

  2. Do you still have pigeon fabric left? If I were to ask you to make one for me, how much would it be? And if I could afford it...would you be willing to let me do the quilting. I absolutely love to hand quilt but I am just not a careful enough fabric cutter or sewer to actually make quilts. If any of this is doable, you could email me at and I know you are busy, busy, busy so no hurry! Jill


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