Sunday, October 27, 2013

T's quilt ~ finally finished!

Over the years,
TJ has let me know reminded me, multiple times,
that he still was in need of a quilt.

I had been collecting fabric for a quilt for him for awhile,
but when I was about ready to actually start working on it,
I figured it might be smart to ask what kind of a quilt he had in mind.
Which turned out to be a good idea :-)
(and since it wasn't a surprise, I got to keep him updated on my progress, which was fun)

Instead of a bed quilt, he wanted a large throw for his living room,
so he could snuggle under it to watch a  movie or play video games.
His furniture is pretty neutral, but he likes bright colors,
so we decided to marry the two.

In February
I ordered fabric (kona solids) and designed his quilt based loosely on one that I'd spotted on Pinterest.

The top came together in just a few weeks,
and the back  - a vintage sheet that he loved, along with some pieced solids - came together nicely, too.

Then, the quilting...

He wanted some hand-quilting, 
so I hand quilted the very center, the outer border, some of each corner, 
and just a few random blocks through-out the quilt.
That part went well.

I ended up ordering a silicone lubricant - to actually spray on the fabric (that made me nervous - let me tell you!)
and then a thread conditioner to soak my thread in.
I had to go super slow, and I'm still not overly thrilled with the quilting,
and not even super confidant in it holding up long term
since I had lots of tension issues, too.
(It'd be fine and then all of a sudden, stitches were loose again....)
If some of the machine quilting does come out, since every piece was quilted individually,
it won't be a big deal to replace the machine quilting
with hand-quilting
as it's needed.

I think I've improved a lot as a quilter since starting this quilt
(I started, and finished, this one, and I've got a paperpiecing project - both of these helped my accuracy, I think)
so when I look closely, I see all the imperfections, and what I wish I'd done better.
But when I step back, and see it as a whole - and as a quilt for a young man - I like it quite a bit.

there ya have it 
 ~  T's quilt  ~ 
designed and carefully created with love for a son I love so much
and am so proud of.

I'm entering this machine pieced, hand and machine quilted 70" x 84" quilt in Amy's awesome Bloggers' Quilt Festival in the throw category.

And I'm still collecting fabrics for my original quilt idea for T. 
You know how it is - you get an idea in yer head...

Love you, my boy!


  1. Totally awesome!!!! LOVE the bright colors and the design.

    As someone who doesn't quilt, I assure you that quilting imperfections are invisible to non-quilters. So unless your son has a crowd of quilting buddies, your supermom status should go untarnished :o)

  2. Looks very cheerful and great job:))

  3. I love this quilt! It's so bright and graphic! I really liked that you asked your son what he wanted so you could make him something he obviously really loves.

  4. beautiful AS ALWAYS!!! fabulously done! I agree 100% with Liz....LOL!!! xoxo

  5. Beautiful work!

    I love how men don't so much snuggle with quilts as wear them. :)

  6. another wonderful hit for Tracy!! and a bright addition for T J's comfort and warmth! good picture of TJ, too!
    Love you guys

  7. hehe! Yep, I *do* know how it is when those ideas get stuck in your head. ;D This quilt is so fun! Who cares if it's not perfect? It tells your son how much you love him and cheers his room for him with colors he loves. :D

  8. What a bright and happy quilt - n wonder he looks so happy :)

  9. Stunning!!! Absolutely stunning! I love it and its a great guy quilt!

  10. It's fantastic!! And all solids. Heehee! :) I love it. I'm sorry hear you had such trouble with the 12 wt thread. My juki handled it like a pro and I love the effect. Having to spray the fabric and condition the thread would make me nervous, too!

    And no way that young man is young enough to be your son!!


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