Thursday, February 21, 2013

several quick takes

It's been so long since I've done a 'quick takes', I can't even remember how many takes there are supposed to be.
I'll just see how many I've got. How 'bout that?

I was writing a letter to Ton' shortly after it started snowing yesterday.
In it, I told him about how the kids were premature in asking me to set out some carrots for snowmen noses.
Said that I doubted we'd get enough snow for that...

Whenever Lexi has a headache, she says, "My head-fore hurts."
I can't bear to correct her, it's so sweet;
and what's more, I reinforce her mispronunciation by asking about her head-fore later.

Shopping at Sam's the other day, Lily pointed to the three-pound container of Daisy sour cream,
"Oooh," she squealed, "It's so cute!"
We buy the five-pounder ;-)

So far, all of my sewing, with the exception of some mending, this year has been for others.

do you see that thread? drives me bonkers. 

(for which Nancy generously paid me, despite my not charging her for my stitching services. 
All my blathering on about 'nobody can afford what my time is worth',
and now I'm not sure she got her money's worth....
So now, I'm humbled. 
And I'm deciding what to do with it...;-)

Then I took in (took up?) a bridesmaid's dress for a young friend.
(a task I cheerfully did out of love, but was reluctant to take on, for fear I'd ruin it. and thus, ruin her friend's entire wedding)
After that, I helped another friend with some sewing;
she just recently taught herself (and her daughters) to sew using this book,
and thought she'd gotten in over her head with her latest project.

Turns out, the directions were just really confusing,
and I'm confident that with proper directions, she could have tackled the job beautifully.
I was quite happy to help out anyways ~ the fabric was so soft and pretty,
and I added to my ever-growing arsenal of sewing knowledge in the process.
I also realized, sewing up 3 of the same pattern,
that it is best to start with the littlest size first.
The larger sizes will be passed down, and therefore worn (and looked at) much longer.
So it's best to work out any kinks (and there are usually kinks...) on the clothes that will be receiving the least wear.
I, of course, did not do this.

I am remedying the above only-sewing-for-non-family issue
with a not-at-all-secret, very-likely-won't-be-finished-on-time quilt for TJ, for his birthday.
As much as I love surprising people,
I think it's actually going to be more fun this way.
Now I can pester delight both Lynnet and T with pictures of my progress :-)

You, too, can get crappy in-progress photos texted to your number. 
Just let me know... I'll be happy to add you to the list ;-)

I've also been collecting fabric for a quilt for Tyler,
since he's claimed my red and aqua quilt 
and will only relinquish it when he receives a similar quilt (in different colors. and a bit bigger...)
He was whining muttering something the other day about having to buy his own quilt on e-bay. psh.
I'm working on it...

She was just a pitiful looking 7(ish) leaf $.99 Black Friday special, but look at her  now:

I realize that, for most people, this is, like, normal,
but I have never been very good with growing anything except kids, cucumbers, and cats,
so I'm quite tickled with myself.

Lily and Lexi were snotty and stuffed up last night;
(weird how you can be both...)
they slept horribly.
Consequently, so did I.
It wasn't all that long ago, that getting up a kazillion times a night was normal.
I'm grateful there's a new normal.
(which still consists of getting woke up during the night - but not every single night, every few hours...)

Tomorrow, our neighbor is coming over for dinner and games.
I should probably figure out what to fix, huh?


  1. oh sister, you are such a hoot! I love your quick takes! and I don't see any sort of thread!!?? I love your crappy in progress photo too! lol. can wait to see the boys quilts when they get done, they gonna be great!!we used to have a poinsettia, but let it die when it was done blooming cuz its hard to get them to bloom again. and it just looked like a boring plant....I cant seem to grow cucumbers very well, the squash bugs kill them! so your doing better than me! hope the girls get to feeling better! love you!!

  2. I don't see any threads either! and I love everything you do! I do relate to being good at growing kids well! cucumbers not so good either, Terri.

  3. there's a stray blue thread on a dark read block....

    love you both :-)


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