Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tony, USMC recruit

Lots of people have been asking about Tony, so I thought I'd go ahead and fill everyone in all at once.

He's 1/3 of the way through Basic Training.

Physically, it's not very hard. Easier than he anticipated, even.
He actually wishes it were a bit tougher;
he's having trouble falling asleep and if his body was as exhausted as his mind was,
maybe sleep would come faster?
That should be changing as we speak - he is at Camp Penddleton for a few weeks for the real physical training...

Mentally, it's much worse than he expected.
And then he lost his dog.

He started a prayer group with 2 other guys and it's grown to 10 now.
He said guys notice he's different and ask about it, so he is encouraged about that.
Growing up, when the kids had an occasion to be 'out in the world',
rather than just tell them, "Be good." - we would tell them to "Be salt and light."
He said he remembers that all of the time,
and his goal, every day, is to be
salt and light.

Kacy told me yesterday that he now gets 10 minutes to shower and such.
Previously, they had 30 seconds.
Thirty seconds!
I can't even get my hair all wet in 30 seconds.


Pray for him.
He does miss everyone very much! And he's more homesick than he thought he'd be.
Also, I'm sure Satan's not real thrilled with the prayer-group increasing
and his 'salt and light' goal.

If you want to write him (no promises as to his writing back...)
the address is:
Recruit L(fill in his last name)
1st Bn. Bravo Co. Platoon 1027
39001 Midway Ave.
MCRD San Diego, CA 92140-1027

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  1. a big YAY! and prayers and love and thoughts to Tony!! we are not very good at letter writing,but it sure is good to hear updates!


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