Friday, February 15, 2013

Lexi and the electric shaver

Tyler has used a cordless electric shaver for years.
He keeps it in his car
and brings it in every few weeks when it needs to be recharged.

He'd had it in the house this weekend, and brought it back to his car when he left for work Monday morning.
he couldn't find it.
He thoroughly searched his car before telling me he had a problem.

I wasn't overly concerned;
Tyler's thorough looking and my thorough looking are sometimes very different.
Meaning - just because he couldn't find it, didn't mean it wasn't really there...
(You know it's true ;-)
So I went and looked for it,
and you know what? It wasn't in his car.
He was positive he hadn't brought it in, but I checked the counter in the bathroom anyways,
and also his little landing pad for stuff he brings in
in the living room.
No razor.
Best we could figure was he must've kicked it out of his car (?)

I went to and ordered him a new one.
In doing so, I realized he'd had that one longer than I remembered and he was probably about due for a new one anyways.
We don't really do gifts for valentine's day,
but I thought it was awfully suspect that he lost his razor two days before v-day
and we have free two day shipping with amazon prime ;-)
(not really, but it was fun to tease him)
(and he did buy me a cute little rose bush. Probably because I've done such a good job with my poinsettia from Christmas ;-)
(Like how I got that little brag in there?)

As he was opening the Amazon package 
we were discussing again
how he just couldn't figure out what had happened to his razor.
Lexi pipes up, "I know where it is."
And she ran to get it!

She had gotten it out of his car
and brought it in the house
and put it in the drawer that the charger goes in.
Nobody looked in there for it,
because there was no reason for it to be there.

Then we were discussing what we should do with the new razor
send it back? 
use it, but save the old one for back-up? 
keep using the old one, but save the new one for when the old one dies?
when Lexi hugged the box to her chest, "I want to save it for my husband. He's going to need one of these."


  1. That is an AWESOME story. :) Made me laugh!

  2. haha! Shes a funny one, that girl! guess you have a back up shaver now! hehehe


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