Thursday, November 21, 2013

colors of fall

My photography skills are seriously lacking - I know this.
But this fall our yard has been so pretty,
I had to at least try and capture a few of my views.
These pictures don't come close to capturing what my eyes see, but it's the best I could do.

You know,
when summer turned into fall, I was really quite bummed.
For starters,
I wasn't ready for summer to be over yet;
I still had things I'd wanted to do....
But also,
fall means winter is next.
And I'm really not ready for that!

We went out to Natural Dam a few weeks ago,
and the color had already peaked,
and many of the trees had already lost all of their leaves.
I was so sad - all the ugly is just right around the corner. pooh!

In addition to this fall being especially pretty, though,
it seems to be hanging on....

I guess that's why I've been especially grateful for the color that remains ~ it all feels like a glorious bonus to me.
(and the beautiful weather that has accompanied it at times has been a lovely bonus, too)

At least there will be a bit of color in the chicken coop this winter :-)

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  1. I always love your scenery photos! love those colored eggs too!


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