Monday, November 11, 2013

our Lola

I know I've bragged on Lola before.
I can't help it; she really is the perfect dog.
Now that we have Jack,though, she's endearing herself to us even more.

Jack needs watching pretty constantly when he's inside.
Sometimes, there just isn't someone available to watch him,
and now that he's getting older,
it doesn't really work to just stick him in his kennel.
So, we'll send Lola outside to play with him.
Sometimes she wants to go,
sometimes she doesn't - but she still goes anyways.
Like I said, she's a good girl.

the past few days Jack has been obstinate, and disobedient, and naughty.
And when we try to get him outside,
he won't go.
Not only will he not go, he'll run the opposite way and go under the dining room table
where it's hard to get him out.
Nobody said he was stupid! 
just naughty.
dear sweet Lola,
will get up from her comfy spot and go outside
- without being asked to -
so Jack will go out, also.
(which he does, immediately.)

Our Lola is positively the best dog ever.


  1. sweet girl, Lola!

  2. What a dear little helper . . Lola! Lovely BlogSpot!


  3. awww! What a good smart girl she is!! give Lola a hug and a rub for me!!


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