Tuesday, November 25, 2014

lint and stones

Earlier this morning,
when I switched laundry from the dryer to the couch, 
and the washer to the dryer,
I rolled the lint off the lint screen and set it on the dryer.


The kids are going in and out the front door today at a greater rate than normal,
and all of them are carrying a bag or basket of some sort.
Full of rocks.
Oh. sorry they are stones, not rocks.

Apparently they are playing a game.
with rocks stones. 


Lexi was finishing up her math when I moved another load of laundry
to the couch.
(and another to the dryer. I am all caught up for maybe a half hour or so)
I had some new dishcloths in the load, 
so the lint was especially voluminous .
"Lex'," I called, "There's a lot of lint. 
You want me to pull it out, or you want to get it yourself?"
(I don't know why my children are so easily distracted from their work...)

She quickly hopped up.

"Oh, I saved you some teal lint this morning," I told her.
I'd pre-washed the first of my LA fabrics 
(I have fabric from LA!! Yay!  :-)
You can't tell it yet - but this is a shirt, skirt, and sweater.

Her eyes, only slightly lighter than the lint, lit up,
"Oh, Momma, Thank-you!"

After pulling the new lint from the dryer screen, she ran off,
soft, aqua/teal lint in one hand,
and a huge wad of pinky-white lint in the other,
"Lily! Look!
Our favorite colors!
And look how fluffy my lint is!"

Then out the door and on an adventure they went.
With their stones.
And dryer lint.

The math will be finished soon enough...

I sure love you, my creative children.

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  1. I am very behind in my blog comments, so I will just start here....I love it! STONES and lint!!! whatever did they do with it? they are pretty colors too!!


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