Thursday, November 13, 2014

to Cali and back

I'm home again,
just in time for freezing weather.

I cannot express how good it was to see my boy.
And Kacy, too, of course,
but especially Tony.

My flights were all great,
and I met such nice people in the airports.

Oh my goodness - I have to tell you about something crazy!

In a bathroom 
at the Dallas airport, 
I met a gal who reads my blog!

She recognized my 'dress'!!

What's more,
and shared it at Lee's Work in Progress Wednesday.
I'd commented on it, and she'd e-mailed me
(neither of us knowing a thing about the other. because bloggers are just nice like that :-)
I had emailed her back that very morning!
What's even more - she lived in Germany, and was in the process of moving back to the States with her soldier husband and 3 kids.

I mean, really! What are the chances?!?

Okay. Back to California.
(I went to California!!! :-)
We didn't do a ton of 'going', which was just fine by me,
but we did fit in a few important things,
like In and Out Burger,
going to the beach :-)
and fabric shopping in LA :-)
and of course, we had to have a snacky dinner on Sunday.

I tried Sushi for the first time

and we went to the movies
(saw St Vincent, which was good, but has some language, and would be just as good (or better) on a tele as opposed to the big screen)
The theater gives a huge discount on Tuesdays to Military - I always appreciate businesses who recognize and support our troops!

We skyped the family back home and celebrated Tony's birthday together.

We met up with Tyler's oldest sister and her family
and it was great to get to visit a bit.
I came home with a quilt top that her mom had made using scraps from clothing she'd made the girls.
I told Laurie I'd be honored to finish the quilt for her.
And I am.
But I'm also worried that I may not do it justice....
Fortunately, I also told her it'd probably take me a few years to complete,
so I've got time to further increase my skills.

I helped Kacy learn to sew :-)

her very first stitches :-)

Why, yes, her first project had a zipper!
This is Anna's open wide pouch. Thanks, Kathy, for the suggestion :-)
She's a natural!
(and I'm looking forward to seeing her progress. hint hint ;-)

The one thing that really surprised me
was that pretty much everyone was so friendly.
I was expecting big city / rude people,
but honestly, I didn't have a single experience with rudeness, and only once, in LA, did I run across a semi-grouchbutt.
I figure it's all that beautiful sunshine.

All in all it was a great trip,
and I am soooo grateful I got to go.
It was so good to see Tony and Kac' in person and know that they are fine.

Thanks, Love!!

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  1. Looks like you had a great time :). We are finally at the new place and now have internet access too! I still can't believe how crazy it was to meet you in the ladies room at the Dallas airport! Can't wait to see what you make from all your California fabric goodies.


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