Sunday, July 13, 2014

my latest make, in blurry pictures

(excuse the blurry pictures - Josiah was my photographer, and it was his first time with the big camera. 
Unbeknownst to me, the camera was on manual focus (no clue why?!) 
so things were a little blurry.
These are the least blurry, and he is pleased with them, so we're going with 'em)

This week, 
I made
what I think just might be
my favorite me-made clothing ever.

It goes without saying that it's knit, and as comfy as can be.

It looks like a dress, but it's really a skirt and top.
I'm a sneaky one.

The skirt was made using a pattern I made
by copying a skirt we bought in January from Wal-mart on clearance for $1.
I made the pattern a smidge longer and flared it a little more than the grey one I copied,
and increased the height of the waistband, and tapered it a bit.
Super fast and cheap skirt to make, especially if it's not being lined.

Jack and Lola wanted in on the action. 

The top is the bodice portion of my TnT KitschyKoo Lady Skater Dress pattern, lengthened 9 inches,
and changed at the armscythe a bit since I wanted sleeveless.
Oh, I also lowered the back neckline a bit.
I inadvertently raised the front neckline,
because I cut off about 3/8 in at the shoulder from both the front and the back pieces.
Stupidly - it only just this moment occurred to me that that was why the neckline seemed higher than my other LSD makes.
Duh. Because it is higher. By 3/4 of an inch.
I may be sneaky, but I ain't all that smart...
I finished the sleeves flat, just like the neckline, though I used a 1 1/2" wide binding strip instead of 2".

you can see, once your eyes adjust (somewhat) to the dizzying blur...
that the skirt has a nice swing to it.
You can also see - that I am a dork.

When I picked out my clothes this morning
(this - of course!)
I said something about not having worn it since I made it
(as if I made it soo long ago ;-)
and Lexi said, "You made that? It looks like a bought outfit!"
so - Yay!!

Thanks, Josiah, for taking my pictures. You did a good job.
Next time Momma will make sure the camera is on the right settings

I hope I always remember that awesome smile you gave me right after you took this picture.  I love you, my boy!

(Here's one Lily took with my phone,
which is a more accurate color representation, but still a bit on the blurry side:



  1. That is absolutely adorable! I love the swing in the skirt - and you had me totally convinced it was a dress. Great job!!

  2. Ohkay, 1. This is so friggin cute!!
    2. Your muscles look amazing girl! Amazing!!!
    3. I miss you. A ton.
    4. You are super photogenic. Even if you don't think so. :P

  3. I love it. I don't believe you -- it is a dress. I see no way that it is a skirt and a top. And the last photo, the photo of you taking a photo, is simply fabulous showing your muscles galore! You are lovely inside and out.


  4. haha
    Ya'll are silly! But thanks :D
    (And Kac' - I miss you so much!!)

  5. really cute dress and really nice legs! everyone is right you look great and so does the dress! (I mean skirt and top :-)
    love you,

  6. Your skirt and top look great - certainly like a dress. And you look fit, healthy and beautiful!

  7. great job Josiah!! and I LOVE the outfit!! very flattering and I am not big on print, but that one is a keeper!! nice butt!!! xoxo


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