Wednesday, July 2, 2014

my ragamuffin crew

Looking out the window, I couldn't help but smile.
Brandon has been making bows for the kids, and everyone was out there trying them out.

Tyler had on the crappiest pair of shorts he owns, 
a soft comfortable tan pair that he can't even run to the Dollar General in, so you know they're bad.
Oh, and he was shirtless.
Which is odd, because he'd had on a shirt earlier,
and he isn't one to just go around without one.

Jeremiah had on his gross grey shorts, with orange and what once was white trim.
On top - a black and maroon razorback shirt.
(the shirt is a recent hand me down from his Bub and is in surprisingly good shape, actually.
The shorts, however, really should be in the trash.
When they do finally go in the trash,
they will not be dug out and made into a quilt!)

Josiah looked a smidge better
in his bright orange with black and white shorts
and his grey and blue striped shirt.

Ah, Lexi.
Lex' was wearing a too small pink and orange Dora nightgown
with red tights
covered with striped leg warmers
and her aqua and pink tennis shoes.

She actually looked pretty cute; Lex' can wear stuff like this.
But my goodness - she was making me hot...

Lily, because she has a fondness for dresses,
because they are the easiest thing in the world to wear,
looked right nice 
in her pink and blue sweater dress (again with the hot...)
(until you got down to her feet, which were covered in paint smeared crocs)

Brandon had on red and black shorts with a red shirt.
the shorts are an orange-y red
and the shirt was more of a razorback red (of recent years)

These are my people.
My ragamuffin crew.
And I love them very much!

(and now you know why I don't take many pictures of 'em)
(to be entirely fair - I'm often not presentable at home, either.
I happened, this time, to be wearing a grey skirt with a black tank top. both clean. And, bonus - a bra. And a cute one, at that  :-)


  1. LOL! We just went to Lake Springdale for a walk yesterday (and down to the creek to play) and Miranda insisted on wearing a black turtleneck with black leggings. Kid wouldn't even touch a turtleneck in the winter. Now it's July. She looked pretty comical, playing in the creek with her leggings rolled up and that shirt.
    Pick your battles, I figure.
    Wasn't worth fighting that day. :)

  2. love that ragamuffin crew!!! They make me smile!! much love and hugs!!


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