Thursday, July 17, 2014

catching up on a Thursday

So many happenings haven't been recorded,
so I'm just going to do a Reader's Digest version here.
In no particular order...

Well, that's not true.
I'll try to go in chronological order, but it's quite likely that I'll get things switched up.

Two of my uncles came down from Illinois to see Gramma Joyce,
so most of the family got together at my mom's house for a visit.
It was great to see them! 
But it wasn't really long enough - it's kind of hard to really visit and catch up with so many people.

Tyler was in the middle of major overtime at work and didn't get to go with us :-(
But that meant Brandon got to drive over the mountain for the first time.

Oh - speaking of -
I knew there was construction in F'ville and I'd told him I thought he was plenty capable of driving in it,
but that I found it pretty stressful, 
so I didn't want him to be in that situation,
so I'd take over right before we got to F'ville.

I wanted to go to Ozark Natural Foods to get Almond Butter 
(oh my! it's nothing but freshly ground almonds, and it is soo yummy!)
and to Joann's to get some thread,
so we did that (while I was driving) before heading all the way to Rogers.
After we got there, I felt kinda bad for not letting Bran drive, because there really wasn't much construction at all.

So, when we left my mom's, I asked Brandon if he wanted to just go ahead and drive the whole way.
He did.

Ya'll - it was another blond moment for me.
I'd driven around Fayetteville,
not on the construction-zone-filled interstate through Fayetteville.
The boy did just fine in spite of me.


And speaking of blond - our pool is turning the girls' hair (especially Lexi, although it may just be that she swims more...) green.
Never had that happen before.


T got to go see Tony and Kacy in early July.
I was happy for him / them, but I'd sure like to see my Cali kids, too!


I was a little bit scared about fireworks this year
and every time the kids would ask if we could go buy fireworks,
my heart would start racing and I'd feel sick to my stomach.
We were going to get fireworks,
but I wasn't a bit eager about it.
I really thought it was possible I'd have to stay in the house with the dogs.

It ended up that the thought of fireworks was worse than the actual fireworks.
There were a few times, though,
when I was ready to jump out of my chair and take off running...

Since he was in California,
T didn't come for the Fourth. So that was kinda bummy.
But the Mc C's were here, 
and SarahB and her fiance came for dinner, too, so that was good.

We had soo much food left-over!
We ate on it Saturday,
and again for lunch on Sunday.


I made lacto-fermented veggies a few weeks ago
and I think they're pretty good.
I need to get another batch going.

I've also tried cookies 2 more times. Neither batch were 'proper' cookies.
I told Tyler it's kinda silly of me to think that with my limited knowledge of low carb baking
could make a cookie that eats like a white-flour cookie
when I haven't found anybody else who can do it...

But you know me ~ I'm going to keep trying.
The family doesn't mind.
The results are always tasty, after all.
They just don't hold together.


I may not be able to make a proper cookie,
but I have come up with a recipe for some darn good coffee ice-cream!
(low carb brownies to go with it, though? Um.... Fail.)


My sister and her hubby came down for a visit :-)
She wasn't here 2 minutes 
before the kids had her sitting at the table making jewelry.

I am so thankful that my kids have great aunts and uncles who love on 'em!!!

Terri made me a bracelet, too, while she was here
(it gets its own post at some point)
and fixed my ankle bracelet so I could wear it again.

Shortly before they arrived, Lexi (who didn't know they were coming!) said, 
"Aunt Terri sure does love you a lot, because she makes so much jewelry for you!"
It's true - besides my engagement, wedding, and anniversary ring,
oh, and the bracelet I bought from Rahab's Rope, which I adore (and they no longer have on their site or I would link to it)
every bit of the jewelry I wear,
my sis has made for me.
(Thanks, Ter! XO)

You, too, can have beautiful jewelry made by my sister!
She can't make it for you at your kitchen table, 


I accidentally wrote 'poop' instead of 'pop'
which reminded me of this video that's kinda funny.


My wedding ring?
I can wear it again.
makes me happy!
If I'd have known 9+ (or was it 10+?) years ago
that it would be so many years before I'd be able to squeeze into it again,
I'd  have had it re-sized.
I absolutely hated not wearing my wedding ring.


Something (a hawk? an owl? ) is feasting big-time on my chickens!
During the day, but we've never seen anything. Grrr
We are down to 7 full grown hens and 1 rooster.
Fortunately, we haven't lost any more babies since I killed the snake.


so much for the Reader's Digest version, huh? ;-)


  1. The blond hair turning green is a familiar summer sight here (in summer, not now of course). You have a great sister - enjoy!

  2. your reader's digest version was great so are all of the people in it! I love you all! mom/grandma

  3. the visit by the Uncles was very nice!! Green hair will look just fine on those two lil cuties!! lol!
    those lacto-fermented veggies are really good! James is still waiting for me to make some, so expect a phone call soon! I have been sooooo busy!!
    I had a fun day helping the kids make jewelry! I just love them to pieces! I need to make you a better one, with real silver tho!
    Thanks for the plug!! love you!!


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