Monday, July 1, 2013

blew up my bloomin' shorts

16 years old.
Workin' at Western Sizzlin.
Pulled a pan of bakers out a 500 degreee oven where they'd been for the last hour
and set the pan on my arm.
That was a pretty good burn.

17 years old.
Workin' at Shoney's where I met my love.
'Bout lost a whole tray of plates and glasses,
but I didn't;
I steadied the tray with my right hand.
The hand that was holding a full pot of freshly brewed coffee.
Poured that coffee all over my left arm and leg.
Those were some mighty good burns, too.

Not all that long ago, 
hurrying in my own kitchen,
I got a steam burn that I had to ice for 3 hours before I could even consider going to bed
and kept me from hand sewing for a week.
No scar from that one, though, so I guess it's not really worth mentioning.
But it did hurt pretty bad, Pa.

The burn I sustained last night
while wearing these shorts?

Those burns don't have nothin' on this. 
A luna chick came after me
and bit me in the butt.
So to speak...


  1. OUCHIE!!!! :( be careful 'round those fireworks sis!! sorry about that burn, they do hurt!!

  2. I was 40+ ft away!! can't get much more careful than that

  3. Wowzers!!!
    Hope you heal fast!!


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