Wednesday, July 31, 2013

baby, you're a firework

Oh wait,
that's baby you got burned


It's been a month since I got blowed up 
and I'm mostly healed, so I figure I can post a picture without grossing any one out.
I'll spare ya the scars on my bum ;-)

to give you an idea of the size, which is greatly reduced from 1 month ago,
the section on the left there (towards the front of my leg) is 4.25 inches long

Not too bad, huh?

Quite honestly, if anyone else in the family had sustained this burn,
we would have been off to the ER;
it was pretty bad, ya'll.
But Tyler was a trooper and took great care of me.
I appreciate so much that he let me determine the course of treatment,
although - he did ask fairly often in the early days if I was sure I didn't want to go to the hospital ;-)
I'll admit there were a few times I almost told him to take me in.

I still can't sit comfortably for very long, especially in the car, since the seats kinda curve up on the sides,
and it's still a bit tender, so I sometimes have to remind the kids to be careful of me.
(I am surprised at the number of times I get whacked or bumped into in a day's time!)

There are only two tiny spots, in the centers of the larger burns that aren't fully healed yet.
I think just a few more nights of sovereign silver, manuka honey, and green stuff with a bandage and I'll be done.
(Whew! We spent a small fortune on gauze, non stick pads, and tape this month!
And it would have been considerably more if leaves (plantain and grape, for those who care ;-) 
hadn't been part of my protocol.)

I'll continue to use my special blend of skin healing oils (which I just finally made, 
but would have used in place of green stuff had I been on the ball and made it sooner)
until the scars have faded to my satisfaction.


  1. Lily saw me putting my oil on and said, "Oh, your burn is looking SO good!! All you have left is just a few little spots!" Which gives an idea of just how big & bad it was...

  2. I am so glad its almost better!! that musta hurt!!

    1. It did hurt! but honestly - the knee pain was worse. Way worse...


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