Saturday, July 20, 2013

I never knew vegetables could be this good

For dinner tonight we had
stuffed bell peppers (Tyler's recipe)
pan squash (compliments of our generous neighbor) dipped in a mix of almond flour, ground flax, Parmesan cheese, and eggwhite protein 
and fried in a bit of palm shortening and butter
 'pasta' salad
(only, the pasta part was zucchini (also from Penny :-) cut on my nifty tool).

Being wheat-free, pasta salad is one of the foods I've really missed this summer.
A few days ago, when I saw the zucchini from Penny, I decided to try making pasta-less pasta salad.
Only we didn't have any tomatoes,
and pasta salad just isn't as good without tomatoes,
so I used my noodle cutter thing anyways, and sauteed the zucchini 'pasta' in butter with garlic and onions.
It was pretty good, 
but it wasn't pasta salad.

Afraid that people might not be crazy about my zucchini pasta salad tonight, I just made a small batch.
Oh my word ~ that stuff was amazing!

When Jeremiah finished eating tonight
he leaned back, fully satisfied,
and said, 
"I never knew vegetables could be this good!"


  1. sounds good to me. I like cabbage spaghetti why not zucchini pasta!

    love to all,

    1. Jeremiah said, "I bet Gramma would LOVE this!" I like it better than real pasta salad, actually!!

  2. I LOVE zucchini noodles!! They really are yummy!!


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