Monday, July 1, 2013

Stickers has a death wish

Tyler added a snail and a sucker fish to the tank about a month ago
in a last ditch effort to keep it.

He bought the aquarium from a yard sale for $5 last summer
knowing that I didn't really want one,
carried it around in his van for a few weeks before even telling me he'd bought it.

The nature table was the only place we could put it, so I gave up our nature table to his fish.
Who am I to say "no" to my husband's life long dream of a huge fish tank?
(granted, this particular tank is only 10 gallons...)

I've actually enjoyed the tank
(once all of his tiger fish died - they were just too frantic for my liking)
except that it got green all too quickly.
And the one job that I refuse to do, is clean out a fish tank.
Since Tyler has a kazillion things vying for his attention when he's home,
the fish tank was more often green, to varying degrees, than not.
He was just about to pack up the fish tank
and put it away 'til the new house, and try it again in a different location.
I thought we just needed an algae eater.
(He'd been told that the sucker fish get huge, and that he shouldn't get one,
but when I asked a guy about 'em, he told me they are like goldfish and grow in keeping with their tank.)

in a last ditch effort to keep his tank,
Tyler used his birthday 'fish money' from Jeremiah
and brought home Stickers and Stealth.

And now, our fish tank is sparkling clean.
The only problem is, Stickers likes to leave the tank.
Twice now, I've found him out of the tank, brown,
and several other times I've found him hanging out at the very top of the tank, near the escape hatches...
Silly Stickers.


  1. hmmmm, stickers is an escape artist! better keep an eye on that one! wheres the fish?

  2. I know! I check on him several times a day now and usually last thing before heading to bed, except last night... he's ok though.

    I haven't figured out how to get a good picture of the fish yet - they move so fast...

  3. wait - are you talking about the sucker fish? 'cause he IS in the picture


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