Saturday, July 13, 2013

six things on Saturday

Brandon and Tyler are making excellent progress on their shop/gym/man cave.
They finished the drywall yesterday
and everyone (except me) pitched in a bit to help mud it today.
Of course, the kids pooped out after a short while,
but the menfolk are still going strong.

I've been commissioned to make their dreams come true as far as paint and decor.
I'm excited.
and a little nervous.
My client isn't as great as Nancy was about articulating his wishes ;-)


The girls were having a tea party.
I overheard Lily asking Lexi about school,
"And what grade are you in, little girl?"


"Eighteen? Well, that's good. 
But you still have a hundred more to go."

Cracked me up!

My burn is slowly but surely getting a little bit better every day,
but I gotta tell you,
I'm a bit weary of the whole thing.
I predict 2-3 more weeks of intensive attention;
Tyler says just a few more days.
I hope he's right.
This is one time I would dearly love to be wrong!

My sister brought me some Limu Wednesday as a gift from my mom,
and I think it has really sped up the healing process.
(thanks, Mom!!)

I've been playing 'beat the iron' this afternoon.
Anyone else play that game?
Or am I just extra pathetic?

I wasn't real excited about my current sewing,
like I said yesterday - it's kinda tedious.
So I skipped ahead a bit,
and instead of trimming all 192 blocks at once
(for the 5th time!)
I trimmed just a few,
then I pressed the seam,
then trimmed to prepare for the next seam,
sewed the next seam,
and hurried back to the iron before it shut off.
I can do 8 blocks at a time.
9, and it shuts off before I make it back;
7 is a waste of a trip.
(yes, I could drag the ironing board to the dining room. But I don't want to today.
Besides, 8 is a nice even number.)

Tony and Kacy get to move into military housing next week.
Kacy left with all of their belongings on Wednesday
and had an absolutely awful, horrible, no good, very bad time making it to California.
But she is there now.

So that's good!
The bad news is, they need a new car :-(
And all of their belongings? They're stuck in Tucumacari, New Mexico.

Brandon participated in a work camp this week:
a bunch of teens and youth coaches bought the supplies, 
then painted several houses in the community - for free.
He's a great worker, that one is!

They had a dinner on the last day of camp, but he didn't really want to attend.
I asked if it sounded like torture to him, or if he didn't want us to have to mess with logistics.
(he's way more thoughtful of that kind of thing than most teens.)
He said, "Both."
Then he added,
"I just wanted to do the work. I really don't care about a dinner."

He's a keeper!


  1. can't wait to see this mancave! it will be awesome!!great picture of Lily!...yay!on the burn and Limu! Yay!Tony and Kacy are together again! and yes, Brandon is certainly a keeper! hugs to all!

  2. Terri said it all! Love you all!
    mom / gramma


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