Friday, July 25, 2014

Getting there

You can clearly see that I am holding a cookie
and it is not falling apart,
and it is low-carb.

But I'm not happy-dancin' just yet.

I'm pleased,
don't get me wrong.
but I (apparently) want more than channel 9 Pittsburg.

These cookies are too cake-like for my liking.
And they browned waaay too quickly.
(although, that could be the fault of my oven as much as my recipe...)

I've got a few more things up my apron sleeve to try....
One day, Nancy will get her cookie, darn it.


  1. These look extra yummy -- my stomach is growling just looking at the photo! In my mind it looks gingery, and a great accompaniment to fresh applesauce. At least in my little mind that dreams of cookies...

    You are awesome!


  2. you ARE awesome, and all your cookies taste good! I know you will nail this soon!!


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