Monday, July 14, 2014

4 week fitness update, 10 days late

You can probably guess,
by the fact that this update is 10 days late,
that the news isn't good.
I like to brag on myself way too much to hold on to a good report that long ;-)

When I told a friend, you know, after blathering about it here, that I'd gained 3 lbs,
she flippantly responded, "Well, you'll just lose 4 lbs this month."
"That hasn't been my practice," I replied,
but ever the optimist,
I hoped maybe, just maybe, she'd end up being right.

I doubled my exercise.
Made sure to take my supplements,
drank gallons of water,
and ate well.
I dry-brushed.
I upped my intake of probiotics
and made lacto-fermented vegetables.
I ate plenty of protein. But not too much.
And lots of spinach and kale.
Went easy on cheese,
and nuts.
I regularly consumed apple cider vinegar.
And freshly squeezed lemon juice.
I slept.
Frankly - I'm getting more than a little sick of all this taking care of myself garbage.

But she wasn't right.
There was no change.

I told Tyler if you looked up
in the dictionary, they'd all have one thing in common.
A picture of me.

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  1. I love you sis and you are looking great, I think its the scale that's broken!!


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