Saturday, January 12, 2013


I've been walking around fighting tears for days now.
Today, the tears are winning.
Tony leaves for basic training in a week.
And my momma heart just hurts.

Not long after they got engaged, Kacy 
(who has mentioned on numerous occasions how much she loves our Sunday snacky dinner and a show tradition)
asked if they could still spend Sunday evenings with us after they got married.
So, even though he's married, we still get to see him fairly often.
But even if we didn't get to see him pretty much weekly,
the thought of not seeing him at all, for months
(and maybe not even talking to him)
makes me sad.
And I'm a little worried for him; Boot Camp can be brutal, you know.
And it's not like he's going on vacation; ultimately, he's going to war.
And, of course I'm sad for Kacy ~ she's going to miss him so much.
(although I'm not worried about her, since she'll be staying with us)
I'm sad for the kids, especially Josiah. and Brandon.

Since tears are already lurking just beneath the surface,
I cried when I read my (online) friend and mentor's post, saying she was going to quit blogging.
And delete her blogs.
'specially when she shared that her little girl (whose oldest brother just got married 2 weeks ago) said,
"My whole childhood will be people leaving!"
and I thought ~ it don't get any better, kid. 

It's really too bad my machine is in the shop ~ I could sure stand to be immersed in a project right about now.
Somehow, I don't think cleaning will be as therapeutic as sewing...


  1. :( sorry your heart is hurting!!!
    sounds like hes actually following in his daddy's footsteps! remember when Tyler went to basic?
    (he survived! and Tony has been getting quite fit for a while now, He might just blow everyone away there!) and then you joined him and moved to Germany for a few years?? his momma and our momma probably felt the same! hold tight sis, it will all be ok!! love you lots!(((BIG HUGS!!!!!)))

  2. AWWWWWW.......

    sounds like I need to take my friend out for coffee...

  3. Praying for you today~

  4. Praying for you Momma!!!! Not there yet but I feel your tears. he is strong, YOu guys did a great job. Love you ,


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