Thursday, December 11, 2014

note to self

Now that we eat wheat free and relatively low carb,
making Christmas goodies is pretty low on my list of priorities.
I can healthify my recipes,
but then they aren't the same,
and really, we don't need to be eating a ton of treats, healthy or otherwise.

Yesterday, though, was our turn to bring snacks for 242.
(The kids love it when it's our turn.)
I decided since it was so close to Christmas, we should make a few Christmas treats.
I texted Tyler a list with all sorts of junk on it.
(He called to tell me that my text had somehow gotten messed up,
because there were things on there he knew I couldn't possibly want him to buy ;-)

we made the pretzels with kisses things.
Then we made a variation of them
using rolos and pecans instead of kisses and m&ms.
Then, we were going to dip pretzel rings in green-colored vanilla almond bark to make wreaths
but the almond bark got super thick when I added the food coloring (?)
so we got out the peppermints I had in the pantry for a craft,
smashed  them,
and mixed them in with the green almond bark and a few drops of peppermint e.oil
and made candy instead.
We also made bite-size caramel apples.

All the treat making (and accompanying mess-making)
about wore me out,
but the kids loved it.
Lily said,"It's the best Christmas ever."
All because we made a few goodies.

Note to self: it doesn't take much to make kids happy
dadgumit - just make the treats sometimes.
(and use nuts. and the word nuts ;-)

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  1. DadGummit your family is the BEST


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