Friday, December 12, 2014

one proud momma

When I was in California,
I spent a little bit of time teaching Kacy to sew.

She made one of Anna's open wide pouches
with just a little bit of guidance from me.
She did all of the sewing herself,
including inserting the zipper and topstiching.
You might say she jumped in at the deep end.
(she didn't know those are things to be feared, so she just did 'em. Tricky of me, eh? ;-)

I made a pattern for her from one of her favorite skirts
and used it to cut some super soft grey ponte.
I left instructions on how to sew it up.

and helped her cut out some cute flannel for a pair of pjs, 
showing her how you line up a linear print.

Just a few hours ago, 
she sent me a picture of her wearing her jammie shorts!
I am so stinking proud of her!!

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