Friday, January 9, 2015

dinner fail

I see now where I went wrong.

For starters,
attempting two new 'recipes' in the same meal is pure foolishness,
and yet, that's what I did.

I guess the dinner wasn't exactly a total fail,
I mean, it was eaten.
I didn't have to throw it out.
So that's something.
But I was hoping for not one, but two winners....

I actually liked both dishes okay,
but neither ended up like I intended them to,
And really, I'm not sure what I was thinking,
because orange chicken, and buffalo anything together,
is probably not the best idea.

I did not achieve the 'crispy outside' that others speak of in their buffalo cauliflower

Brandon summed it up best,
"Orange Chicken should be fried,
and buffalo
 should be chicken."

(Orange chicken should also be orangenot yellow. ahem.)

I guess I should just forget the outcome
and focus on the fact that I tried to be creative in the kitchen.
That's gotta be worth somethin'....

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  1. Haha! Love Brandon's summary statement. Absolutely trying something new counts for something. But I also think you were a bit too brave trying two new something's! It would be hard to give attention to both. I've been cooking off a preset menu from Clean Eating for over a week. It's been a lot of new for us. Many unique flavor combos but it more or less gets eaten and I know it's healthy, plus I had to do zero planning. We're surviving it. :) Momma just has to do what she can sometimes. Hope you have more fun and success with your kitchen experiments in the future. :)


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