Saturday, January 31, 2015

testing and then some

The kids had TKD testing today.
All 5 passed.
And the boys all broke all of their boards in the first try :-)
our good buddy, Pete,
earned his black belt today!!
(he also broke all of his boards on the first try, which was really nice for his momma and me!)
Brandon got to be the one who tied his belt.
it was a good TaeKwonDo day!
(except that another good buddy didn't break all of his board, so that part was sad)

Lily is a green belt now,
and Lexi is yellow,
and, as she said, her "big friend,
is a purple belt."
(I love that my kids considers people of all ages their friends
and I love that Bayley is so sweet to Lexi, that she really is her friend)

After testing,
we were going to go The Yellow Papaya for lunch.
We've been watching it being built,
and have been waiting for several months for them to open
(it looked like they were ready, we couldn't figure out what the hold-up was!)
A week or so ago, Tyler told me they were open,
so we decided we'd try it out today.

We went,
but we didn't end up staying.
After 5 minutes
(and getting up to grab menus for ourselves) 
we still hadn't had anyone come to our table,
or even make eye contact,
it was pretty pricey, with no kid's menu.
We figured Lin's Garden would be considerably less expensive
and its most of the kids' favorite place to eat,
so we left
(as discreetly as seven people can get up and leave a restaurant)
and went there instead.

I confess - I eat wheat when we go there.
It's just too hard for me to say no
to the crab wontons.
(okay, and the lemon chicken...)

After lunch,
Tyler and the gang went home
and I went shopping
and was a brainless idiot
and forgot quite a bit of what I needed to buy.

While I was at Walmart,
I saw two 20-something gals, shopping together, in the produce department.
After I passed them, I heard, "She's one of those."
It's the only thing I heard them say, so I assume it was said looking in my direction.
Now, I don't know for certain they were talking about me,
but it seems likely.
I can't for the life of me figure out what 'those' they pegged me as.
But whatever it was,
I seriously doubt they were correct.

After Walmart,
I came home, unloaded and put away,
and we all hopped in the van to go to A-Z
Tyler and Brandon found a wedding decor solution
to a need that has nagged me for months!
Tyler also figured out a solution to a dilemma that arose just today.
so, yay for both of those!
And he almost stayed home....

After A-Z,
we came home and Tyler Superman fixed dinner
so I wouldn't have to.

And now,
he and Brandon are waiting for me in the living room, 
so we can watch an episode of White Collar
while I sew a diamond or two onto a star,
to make it a hexagon.


  1. A few unkind words can spoil a great day. I'm so glad you didn't let them phase you by continuing to count your blessings as the day unfolded. (Maybe they were gossiping about someone who wasn't there. Whomever their target - their words reflect so poorly on them, and have nothing to do with the one they were discussing.)
    Congrats to all the hardworking TKD success stories!

  2. I'll bet they were referring to one of those "Healthy, fit, attractive, and savvy shoppers" that knows how to find the best deals in a store. I try to take all attention as some sort of flattery one way or another!


  3. What a big day! I'm chuckling inwardly at the 7 of you leaving discreetly. Good call! I'm glad Superman has your back. You make a great team.

    I recently had a somewhat similar situation where I felt but wasn't sure someone else's comments/actions were aimed at me in public. It was irritating and annoying but I just have to shrug it off. I'm not fully certain it was about me but it sure felt like it. That's never pleasant. Good thing you have so much else to distract you!


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