Thursday, April 30, 2015

memory lane

We are so excited for my baby brother's wedding tomorrow
and have a bunch of little things to do to finish getting the family ready for it.

I cannot wait to give them their quilt!!!! :-)

I lost a day this week,
and my list of things that absolutely positively must get done today is quite long,
and this post is not on it.....

But - we wished Matt and Marin a 'happy wedding eve',
which led to the girls asking about Lana's wedding
(was it tiny like Tony's and TJ's? 
ummm - no - 
there were about 350 people and it was the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen.
here ~ let me show you...)

When I showed them the slideshow,
they asked about my wedding,
and well,
 we ended up traipsing down memory lane.

Matthew. My baby brother, all grown up and getting married!!!!

I go years without pulling out our wedding photos.
I don't like them.
I was so, so disappointed in them.
(which made it really important to me that my kids all have a good photographer for their weddings....)
But when Lex' asked about our wedding,
instead of complaining (again)
I just grabbed the box off the shelf
shook off (some of) the dust
and called the girls.

"Oh Momma! You were so young!
I mean, I knew you were young, but I didn't know you were this young."
"Hey - Dad looks just like Tony."

That swing back there? Horrible idea. Terrible.     Somebody, who shall remain nameless, 
thought it would be a good idea to, during the wedding,
sit on it,
while a recording of the the song Endless Love was played.
While a hundred people watched.
Do you know how long Endless Love is?!?

"That's Gramma? It almost looks like you."
"Why did you make Uncle Matt wear those shorts? Was that the style then??"
(I still think Matt looked adorable!)

Tyler looks a little nervous there, surrounded by my family... 
Nathan. My 1st baby brother. almost 9 (10?) yrs old here, a musical genius.
Well, a genius, period, actually, but for today's purpose - a musical one.
He played the piano, while Sarah, Rebekah's sister played the violin.
Except, of course, during the song, Endless Love.

I walked off after I'd chosen a few photos to scan
(or rather, have my tech guy scan... ;-)
and left the kids
(the boys joined them, of course)
to see their Mom and Pop through a different lens
(and horrible lighting, bad angles, major shadows, etc...;-)

Bad pictures or not,
I'd marry that man all over again in a heartbeat.

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  1. These are beautiful memories Tracy - maybe you are being too critical. We had a friend take our photos - there are some omissions but they are a good record of the day in their own way. It's the marriage which matters, not so much the wedding or the photos.... :)


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