Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sunday sewing, but on a Tuesday

Saturday night, my friend tagged me in a FB post, 
with a picture linking to this.

I commented "sweet!"
and suggested she google Natalie and Alabama Chanin.

Now, I realize I haven't mentioned AC in quite some time,
but that doesn't mean that my love for all things Alabama Chanin has diminished in the least.
I'm just waiting to get to my proper size
so I can make a proper AC garment
and wear it forever.
(which is just about how long it will take me to make said garment)

Mentioning Natalie Chanin
reminded me that I still hadn't had a chance to look at my most recent book!
I'd preordered it the second I heard about another AC being published
without giving it a second thought.
That is how much I love Natalie/Alabama Chanin
(for the un-initiated - Natalie Chanin is the founder of the company Alabama Chanin, 
and one really doesn't think of either, 
without the other)

I've been super busy since it arrived April 7th
and didn't dare open the package,
knowing I wouldn't be able to put it down.

I kept giving myself little challenges
 - once you do 'x', you can look at your book -
but once I'd complete the task,
another pesky task would jump to the top of my to-do list.
I was really going to look at it after I filed the taxes Tuesday
(why did I wait til the 13th?!?)
but then I was just on a get-er-done roll
and decided instead to 
a) finish the quilting on Ties that bind!!
b) make and attach the binding!!!
(actually - I did that before I finished the quilting....)

Lily was sick, so I stayed home from church with her,
which meant - I had a bonus 3 hours!!


So I finally unwrapped my book
and read it - just like I did the others - cover to cover.
(it's my least favorite of the four, but we'll save that for another time)
And then, with Judi's FB post in my head,
quickly whipped up (and machine sewed) a skirt.

(took less than an hour from unearthing a fabric* remnant
to a skirt with a fold-over elastic waistband (albeit slightly wonky there at the CB)
and a pressed (but not sewn) hem! :-)
I cleaned up my (minimal) mess, 
dug through my floss,
and started embellishing by hand.

I picked up my needle and thread every chance I got
and by the time I went to bed,
I was finished with all three (not very straight) rows of handstitching
and all I've got left is the flower.

If all goes according to plan
(which is a big 'if', you know...)
come Friday,
I'll have a completely finished skirt to share.
And the shoes
that inspired my color choices :-)

and on Sunday,
at 9:20 pm, central time,
I finished my quilt!!!!
(proper photos and post will come in a few weeks, after it's gifted)

Linking up with Lee
*while I don't pre-wash my quilting fabric unless necessary (meaning it's red. or black....)
I do prewash my garment fabrics before I ever even put them away,
that way, when inspiration strikes,


  1. That stitching adds such a great detail to the skirt! And woohoo for finishing the quilt!! Look forward to seeing the full photo spread :-)

  2. I have ordered this book - it's on it's way to Australia...It will be a treat to enjoy.


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