Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Birthday, Jesus

3 flocks of chickens
1 dairy goat
5 adorable stuffed lambs that play 'Jesus loves me'
mosquito nets for a family
$396 worth of warm clothes
6 insect shield blankets
10 fruit trees
seeds for 3 families
5 ducks
and from 
bees with beekeeping supplies and training 
an investment in an alpaca project in Peru.

That's what we gave to Jesus today
in honor of His birthday :-)

I got smart this year, and instead of my fake money being life sized,
I made it so I could fit all of the bills for each person
on one piece of paper.
The blank 'bill' was used to write in the amount that each person earned by doing
extra chores for Christmas cash.
Now, I'm going to be super smart, and save my original for next year :- )

Fancy; I know...

(Josiah got the pickle this year)
(I never posted our party last year.
I saved all the envelopes for months,
then finally  tossed them in June or July during a cleaning spree,
after admitting I was probably never going to get the post typed up.
I regretted it almost immediately.
but not soon enough to rescue them from the trash.

Previous birthday celebrations for Jesus can be found here:
2010   2011   2012   2013)

We love you, Jesus!

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