Saturday, December 26, 2015

twin scrappy hearts

We were supposed to bring something 'creative and cheap' for the gift exchange.

that poinsettia was a gift from Melba last year! 

I had a vison of what I wanted to make,
but it was one of the things that didn't get done before I left for CA.
Seeing that we were going directly from the airport
when I returned,
to the party,
it wasn't something I could put off  'til I got home.

So I packed the bag of scraps from Simply Luscious,
along with a spool of light grey 60 weight thread,
black perle cotton and a needle,
and a scrap of canvas
left over from covering the cushion on the bench in the LEM.
I figured whoever ended up with the gift
could choose whether they wanted it made into 
a little picture for their wall
or a zip pouch. 

Over the course of a couple of afternoons,
I cut and glued tiny scraps into a heart shape,
then, with Kacy's sewing machine,
went around and around the heart 
with stitching about 1/8" apart
'til all the scraps were secure.

Then I outlined the heart with the perle cotton thread
and stitched the word love.
I added the french knot period because 
is everything.

During the 'dirty Santa' game, 
Melba got the (unfinished) canvas
and chose to have it made into a picture for the wall.
But at the very last minute,
Mac stole it from her
for his mom.
Melba made all sorts of threats, 
and he was very apologetic and didn't want to take it from her,
Mom won out over Melba.
(The whole thing was quite hilarious, but you had to be there)

Amy (Mac's mom) chose to have a zip pouch made,

I decided 
(since it was sort of my suggestion that Mac steal the gift for his mom)
to make a second heart canvas
so I could make Amy her bag,
and Mac could give Melba (back) her picture.

that was the loving thing to do ;-)

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  1. I would steal the hearts also! They both turned out lovely. And I love, the Love Period!

  2. Pretty projects! The addition of hand quilting is always a great choice.

  3. What a super idea. I love the heart and my choice would be a bag too!

  4. What a great plan you had. Beautiful finishes. 2 very happy ladies I'm sure.

  5. Well I can see why they both wanted it - what a sweet little heart and a lovely way to use up some very pretty scraps!

  6. It was the loving thing to do - wonderful you! The projects are so charming. No wonder the "fight" was on! ;-)


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