Monday, July 10, 2017

Monday Miscellanies

You know life has been extra full 
when it's been over 10 days since I last posted,
and Tyler hasn't even mentioned it.


Still no main paint color.

But you know what?
we aren't done priming everything 
and painting ceilings yet,
so that's okay.


We had a super laid back 4th of July celebration
with the McC's.

My chest only tightened about 2 dozen times,
so that's a definite improvement over recent years.

Tyler and Jeremiah went on a little crappie fishing trip last week.

It wasn't a crappy fishing trip;
they were fishing for crappie
(in case you were confused... ;-)


While they were gone - 
I spent 14 hours on Friday
working on my commission quilt.

I took up all but about 5 inches of the kitchen floor 
for most of the afternoon 
and all of the evening.

I'd made most of the blocks,
and cut all of my  background strips
before I took over the floor,
but I'd saved all of the flying geese blocks,
and about half of the square in a a square blocks
so that I could make what was needed to fill in color gaps.

I ended up deviating from my 'pattern' a bit
and moved a few blocks around,
remade a few others,
trimmed a couple,
and vetoed some completely,
so I ended up hogging the kitchen 
much longer than I'd anticipated.

The kids were so sweet about it though,
and since we couldn't cook in there,
with a quilt all laid out on the floor,
Brandon picked up Taco Bell for their dinner.


Brandon got a 90.07 in his Summer I  class
(Cal 3)
so he still has a 4.0

Way to go, Bud!!


I can't even begin to guess how many collective hours
we have worked,
(mostly the kids and I,
(girls more than boys)
but Tyler has helped some)
to get all of the drywall mud and mess off of the floors.

we spent an hour out there
(so, 5 hours of labor all together)
and we finally finished the downstairs!!

I don't think you can fully appreciate this
if you haven't experienced it.

Tyler actually started the whole cleaning process
several weeks ago,
because I was so completely overwhelmed with the mess,
I couldn't even figure out how to begin.

If we ever build another house,
we are putting brown paper down
before any drywall related person
sets foot in our house,
I can tell you that!


Tyler had his first experience of being referred to as
an 'older guy' on Saturday.

He was a little miffed about it.

Which is kinda funny,
because he's always running his mouth about how 
he likes getting old.

I guess he doesn't like (over)hearing 
that other people think he is, though ;-)

We went to the Windsor library the other day
which is the one that we usually go to,
but hadn't been to in a while.

The librarian was so happy to see the kids!

She told me she'd called the other branches
to see if they'd stolen her family!

It's nice to be known
and wanted.

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  1. Now I'm anxious to see your quilt-y sounds like a productive kitchen despite not cooking in it!

    BIG Congrats to Brandon!!


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