Thursday, June 29, 2017

progress report

I figure it's high time 
for a little update on my latest commission project.
Here is my collection of blocks to date

I try to make a few blocks
a couple of times a week,
but there've been some weeks
where I've not managed to make any.

I don't have a definitive deadline,
so I don't stress about it when that happens.
But I don't want it to drag on forever, either....

I color in my little block map when I finish a block,
but my colors aren't very spot on most of the time, 
so I'm not sure if it's really all that helpful.

If nothing else though,
it looks nicer than marking a big X across the block
to signify it's 'made' status.

Since many of the blocks 
I just made up,
I'm also just making up how to make them as I go.

I should probably work out some of the maths more.

That's all I'm going to say about my
'winging it' approach ;-)

Of course, there have been times when I have 
worked out the maths,
I didn't work them out correctly.

It doesn't help any
that the Cotton & Steel jelly roll strips I bought
'for greater variety'
aren't quite 2.5 inches wide,
and my entire quilt is built on 2" increments....

Tyler has a work dinner tonight,
which means I get a few extra hours to sew:-)

this is one of my favorite blocks!

I can't decide though
If I'll knock out a few more of these blocks,
or get started on a new project.

decisions decisions...


  1. I wing it on sampler quilts too. Love that yellow butterfly block.

  2. These are gorgeous blocks, I love the colors and fabrics. What a lovely sampler quilt this will make!

  3. I followed the link to Kathleen's awesome gypsy wife and it looks authentic to me! Was there another post she did about how she altered it? Either way, your modification of her quilt is great! Good luck with the quilting.

  4. Pretty, pretty, pretty! This quilt will be spectacular. ♡


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