Tuesday, June 27, 2017

picking paint and looking old

I really want to throw my arms across a bar,
lay my head on them,

I'm beginning to think my dad was right;
am incapable
of picking paint.

I've lost count of the number of trips I've made
and how many paint samples I've bought.
If we haven't hit double digits yet,
we're close.
But still,
I am no closer to finding 

It's all making me very weary.

In addition to the paint choice angst I'm dealing with,
when I was at the paint store today
(not to be confused with when I was there yesterday.
or Friday (twice).....)
a lady (probly 10 yrs older than me) and I were chatting,
and she asked how many kids I had.
I told her 8,
and added that they were spread out over 22 years.

And she said,
"You must have waited a while before you started."


I'm still trying to come up with a response.

But you can see why
I'd really like to fling myself on a bar,
and cry


*I don't necessarily mean a bar bar,
it's just that a bar is the right height for upper body flopping on.
(for a short person)
(which I am)
(though I am apparently an ancient short person.)

**to be fair - Dad was joking.

*** but it does sorta feel as if he was being prophetic...

****I checked the mirror when I got home;
I wasn't looking especially haggard

*****If you're curious,
(and I'm sure you are ;-)
this elusive color is a light grey/blue/green
it's more color than white,
but it reads as a neutral - not really a color,
and makes the space feel 
and inviting
Like a slow contented sigh.

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  1. What was she thinking?! Did she also ask when your baby was due because it sounds like she was that crazy! I think either you misheard her or she meant to say, "you must NOT have waited AT ALL before you started !"
    Paint is really hard. I have a barely there light blue color on many of my walls that I love. I picked it after paying to have a whole room painted a too-bright blue when I wanted a barely-there. It's called Distant Horizon by Dunn Edwards. It's neutral and probably closer to white than you want and I wouldn't call it greenish. But maybe you can check it out? Good luck!!


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