Sunday, September 2, 2012

wooo pig sooie

Tyler's brother, Mitch, asked me a few weeks ago if I'd like to go to a football game.
I told him I'd really rather let somebody who cared about it have a ticket instead of me,
but I guessed I'd consider going if it was, like, a double date or something.

I'm 43 years old and went to my first Razorback football game yesterday.
And, I tailgated.
This is blasphemy, I know, here in the the great state of Arkansas,
but, I wasn't really looking forward to it.
I'm not really a football fan (that should have been read in a hushed whisper)
and I'm definitely not a milling around schmoozing with strangers fan.
(Calling it a date didn't really change anything....)
To top it off, we've got this big party coming up and I could have spent all that time
doing something productive, rather than doing nothing.
Which is what I think 3-4 hours in the car, tailgating for 3 hours, and watching a 3 hour game is. 
And if things couldn't be worse for me,
I've been off for a few weeks 
and for the past few days, tears have lurked just behind my eyelids all. day. long.
Oh. And I 'started'. yesterday.
(which probably explains the tears and eyelids thing)

But it turns out I didn't have to schmooze; I just sat and visited with my sister-in-law.
While Tyler brought me beverages ;-)
And I didn't cry. 
Which is good, since I couldn't find my waterproof mascara. (Girls??)
Although, it was so stinking hot, I was afraid the mascara was running down my face anyways.
The game?
It was fine. I cheered spontaneously a few times, so I guess that's good,
but I don't think I'll ever be crazy about football.

As much as I was dreading the 'wasted' day,
 it was probably good for me to be forced to take a break.
And it was so nice of Mitch and Jennifer to share their tickets with us,
and I'm really glad Tyler (who is a big football fan) and Brandon got to enjoy the game!
(and that the little ones got to spend a day with Gramma & Grampa ~ thanks, Mom!)
Go Hogs, Wooo Pig Sooie, and all that.
Now - back to regularly scheduled life.


  1. I feel your pain. I've never been to any football, high school, nothing. And I'm completely fine with that. Oh, and I've never watched an entire game on TV either, not even the Super Bowl.
    I'm glad it was better than you expected.....and at least it's not something you're expected to do often! :)

  2. Tracy..I feel your pain. Now that we live up here in Fayetteville we are in the middle of all the hoopla. You can't go to a store or restaraunt during game weekend without hearing them on the overhead speaker and on all the t.v's in the store. In fact, as we were walking thru a store on Sat. we were stopped and asked if we were looking for the "RED" section of the store. We said we were not..then the gentlemen, not a store employee, kindly directed us to that area where we could purchase our Razorback attire. Now maybe this was because my daughter was wearing her OSU shirt. LOL.

  3. I think your break from your productive doings was good! You'll catch up! and we enjoyed time with the kids! and so did TJ! I think those munchkins all had one or the others of us attention almost all the time they spent here! They had a good time, too!
    Thanks for sharing them with us!
    Grandma and Grandpa
    PS we were probably asleep before you got on 540 or soon there after.


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