Saturday, September 8, 2012

party on

We're ready!

It took longer than I expected (I'm sure that surprises absolutely no one ;-)
but with the help of Lana, Tony & Kacy, and Eva and her boys,
we (and by we, I mean, our whole fam - even me!) got that gym whipped into shape
and had a good bit of fun doing it.
Oh, Meggy popped in with coffee and helped for a bit, too.
(although, Lana and I suspect that she was secretly scouting out our work, 
so she could see if she wanted our help for her wedding next month ;-)

Cha-cha slide was most definitely our theme song :-)
Without it, we probably would have finished a little sooner,
but we would have missed out on some of that fun I talked about up there, too.
At one point, all the big people were elsewhere in the building,
and the little people, (Lexi through Aaron McC) were in the barnzebo,
dancing like there was no tomorrow.
It was so cute!

We're a little pooped,
but I think the stage is set for everyone to have a good time  ~ which was pretty much the goal.
Get ready to party!

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