Tuesday, July 16, 2013

gone wild

Josiah's pumpkin flowers

One day
when we still lived in Fort Smith
and only had a tiny yard to maintain,
Tyler - not wanting to mow the grass,
made up a song.
"How do you know 
that a blade of grass won't grow into a tree?
A great big tree..."

A blade of grass won't grow into a tree,
but what looks like a blade of grass at 2 inches tall,
just might.

He waits as long as he can stand it every spring to begin mowing for the season
because I'm always sad to see the wildflowers disappear.

For various reasons,
Tyler hasn't stayed quite on top of the mowing like he usually does.
And you know what?
I've loved it!

Now, I do appreciate the grass in front of the house kept reasonably short
(it's actually mostly grass ~ the rest of our land though, is far more weedy)
and if the grass/wildflowers in the back get fairly tall,
I don't mind paths being mowed 
to make getting around a bit easier
(I actually asked him to mow a small section a few weeks ago, when it bothered my burn to have to step very high)
but I have just been so thrilled to discover all the varieties of flowers
we have
right outside our door.

even when they're spent, they're pretty!

Since they are usually mowed down before they flower,
the only grass dwelling wildflowers I knew we had were the little bitty early spring ones.
(well, and honeysuckle and passion flower. okay, and elderflowers)

I walk around and wonder why one earth people are so eager to use weedkiller. 

okay, so these aren't flowers....

So many times this spring & summer I've thought that I'd love to catalog them, and figure out just how many different species we have.
Of course, it would require actively looking for them on a regular basis - some don't have a long season at all.
The indian paintbrush we found when we discovered the yarrow - was gone a week later.


Just one more thing to love about living out here ~ all the wildflowers.


  1. I have so enjoyed the wildness of the horse pasture that is on three sides of our home. At one point this spring it looked just like a Monet painting-seriously! I wouldn't trade it for a sterile perfectly manicured neighborhood for anything!
    (hope you are healing well.)

    1. I bet!! Did you get some pictures of that?? (I know you don't feel much like posting - but you could always do just a picture or two ;-)
      I am. Slowly.... Love you!! hugs and kisses to the kids

  2. I love it!!so neat! I always seem to wait a bit before the first mowing also, until someone/or two people stop to ask if I need a mower person. lol. God created some beauties! The up close photos are neat and fun to do! the face on the bee...course im not fond of the bugs that live in tall grass tho....but I don't poison them either since the birds eat the bugs, just cannot do it!!

    1. yeah, you can't really let your yard turn into a jungle.... I am so not good w my camera ~ I can't do them justice. Someday, maybe... XO

  3. You have some wonderful wild flowers, nature's garden for you to enjoy.

    1. I do :-) if only I could capture them like you! My goodness your pictures are gorgeous!!

  4. Love it love it!
    love you!


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