Saturday, June 1, 2013

finding treasure

(as usual, you can click on any photo to see it larger)

I bought several field guides at the book sale, along with a few curriculum type books that we'll need,
and a handful of inexpensive books just for pleasure reading.

I was flipping through one of the wildflower books
and recognized a flower that Brandon had picked just two days earlier.
He was mowing the grass
and there were some flowers that had really long stems, about 3 ft or so, ferny leaves, and a few little heads of tiny white flowers.
He found them interesting, so he broke off a few flower heads,
continued mowing,
and brought the flowers in to me (very wilted) a few hours later.
We stuck 'em in some cold water and they perked right up.
As soon as I saw the picture in the book, 
I perked right up, too.
The flowers Brandon picked for me were yarrow.
Yarrow is one of the ingredients in my cold care!

I wondered if perhaps we had any more on our property, as Brandon had mowed down the ones in the shooting field.
Tyler was quick to assure me that we had some in other fields, too.

When he was mowing today,
(9+ acres takes a lot of time to mow, and except for the areas around the house,
most of the property hadn't been mowed yet all year)
he mowed around several patches of yarrow so we could harvest it.

We now have organic wild yarrow drying in the LEM.
This just tickles me to no end.

I'm excited to discover what other goodies we have growing here :-)

(if you have a favorite field guide type book - especially one for our region - care to divulge??)


  1. wonderful! not sure but think only have one book from an old encyclopedia set that is about nature. have any birds need to identify? I have lots of those books. have fun exploring your fields!

  2. do you know what the pretty Queen Ann's lace turns into when they go to seed?


  3. I bought a couple of bird books, too :-)
    No clue ~ I'll have to look it up ;-)

    Love you, Mom!

  4. These photos are so lovely. I never realize how starved I am for flowers most of the year until May/June comes and I can't help but stop-touch-smell every one I see! (My 2-year-old now thinks that what we "do" with flowers is pet them!) Lovely yarrow, and your photos are lovely, too.

  5. great photos sis! Gods creations are pretty amazing!


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