Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Oh my goodness!
I am such a dork!!

All the efficiency techniques in the world won't help me
if I screw up on the basic math.

I often over cut for a quilt,
especially a patchwork.
I like to have plenty of options....

This quilt, though
I have thoroughly planned out.
Well, sort of...
I mean, I figured out exactly what I need, piece wise, but not where they'll go or anything...

I even drew up a fabric cutting diagram,
you know,
for efficiency...

Here, let me show you it again, bigger:

So clever.
So efficient.
Only a teensy tiny smidge of waste.

But do you see what I did?!?

Quilting cotton is roughly 42 inches.
My diagram designates that I'll cut with my fabric folded in half,
giving me roughly 21 inches.
I have 28 inches of cuts.

I am such a dork

Every single fabric I cut,
I was several pieces short.
What's especially bad:
I didn't figure out my error until I started cutting the second half of my stack

I am such a dork.

If you'll excuse me, I need to come up with a new cutting diagram.

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  1. OPPS! back to the drawing board
    you still do an awesome job, girly!

    love you,


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