Saturday, June 8, 2013

double donuts

The kids started asking a few months ago, "When's National Donut Day?"
About the fifth time somebody asked,
I pulled up the blog and searched for it.
Then I double checked the date of the post.
"June 1st," I told them.
Nobody needed to be told twice ~ they all had it down.
And after consulting a calendar, they were happy that June 1st was a Saturday,
'cause Daddy'd be able to celebrate with us.
I was happy, cause that meant I didn't have to drive.

It was wet last Saturday, so we wouldn't be able to re-create our first celebration.
The kids were okay with that,
because, really.
The picnic and park was fun and all,
but it was all about the donuts.

So Saturday,
Tyler and the kids ran errands, and brought home a dozen donuts.
And you know what?
That was good enough.
The kids all got 2 donuts each, and Tyler and I each got one.
Everyone was happy.
Happy National Donut Day.

But then 
one of my friends posted a picture of a donut on facebook.
And said it was National Donut Day.
And I was so confused!
National Donut Day was last week; we'd already celebrated it...
I'd checked my blog;
I knew that I'd posted that post on NDD!

It turns out, I should have googled it.
National Donut Day is not the 1st of June,
it's the 1st Friday in June.

So Tyler had to grab another dozen donuts.

The kids are hopeful I'll make the same mistake next year.

But with my brain, you just never know ;-)


  1. That's funny! I'm kinda glad my kids have no idea there is such a thing as national donut day. :)

  2. Who got the pink one with the sprinkles? That's the one I would've picked.

  3. That was Lexi's.
    That's so funny ~ I would never, ever pick a sprinkle donut :-)


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