Tuesday, June 25, 2013



Isn't that crazy?!

The babies are 7 and 8 (ish) weeks old.
There for a few weeks, it seemed they were growing like crazy,
but now that they look like little chickens
instead of baby chicks,
their growth isn't as obvious on a daily basis.

We're down to only eleven, now :-(
One just plain died a few weeks ago,
and then a few days ago,
they started behaving in a very unlady-like and unfriendly fashion.
Now we are giving them extra love and space and sunshine
and we're reminding them, "Friends don't eat friends!"

We think we've remedied the situation, 
but just yesterday, one of the sweetest and smallest got pretty pecked at,
so I guess time will tell.

This farming is a tough business.

I put this little stool out there to encourage kids to come and sit.
The chicks seem to think it was for shade, and about 6 of them will squeeze under there at once.

pretty sure this one's a rooster....
see why I think this?


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