Saturday, June 22, 2013

not my medium!

Tyler asked me earlier what I was going to work on today.
I listed several mundane jobs and told him I also wanted to cut out my shirt today. 
(no. I'm not done fixing the quilt yet, but it is not fun, enjoyable, relaxing, pleasurable sewing.) 
And I missed my deadline (June 20th - because I stupidly made a label as part of the quilt that said it was made in Spring 2013)
so now I don't care when I finish it.
That's not really true, but I'm obviously not going to get my panties in a wad over it.
and I've been wanting to cut into my fabric since I got it...
He told me to go cut out my shirt.
But of course I didn't listen to him, because I had all the yuck work to do.

At 3:00 I finally laid my cutting mat on the table.
As soon as I did that, before I even got the fabric laid out, the kids got out the jewelry supplies...
And I didn't finish cutting out my shirt until a few minutes after 5.
It usually takes me a half hour.
I made a sway back adjustment, so admitedly, a little bit of that time was spent verifying how to make one,
and then making it.
But we're talking 15 - 20 minutes max.

this table was completely empty at 2:59...

I loathe making jewelry with the kids
(which it how it ends up - even when the think they are going to make it all by themselves...)
Jewelry making supplies are not my creative medium of choice,
and I am not one bit gifted in the area.
I can't even get a stupid jump ring to close all the way.
I'd like to be able to make jewelry. Just like I'd like to be able to knit...

7 years ago, I made one nice piece of jewelry.
It was a necklace made with swavorski crystals for Lana for her 18th birthday.
Each bead on it represented a special woman who had spoken into her life over the years,
with the center pendant, a heart, representing her momma who loved (loves!) her so very much.
I would have had my sister make it,
but since it was such meaningful piece, I really want to try to make it myself.
God had to be helping me out,
'cause it went together beautifully (without any stress that I recall now, anyways ;-)
and it held up nicely.
(I think it is actually still in one piece today :-)

The kids asked if Aunt Terri would be a good sewer.
I said probably.
But that she might not like it all that much...

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  1. awww!! beading is so fun! and no...I would rather leave the sewing to you! My limit is pillows and curtains, haha!! (nothing fancy mind you, just a plain ole hem!)all that ironing and starching and cutting and stuff...pffft! I do plenty of measurements myself, so I guess I am ok with the numbers part....threading the machine, oh and if the thread breaks or doesn't sew correctly....nope, Im done! I hope you made some pretties with the beads tho! xoxo


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